LGBT Pride: Time To Spread The Love

By Teddy Basham-Witherington — The story of LGBT Pride is one of silence to celebration. There was a time when homosexuality was “the love that dare not speak its name” and the term “transgender” was unknown. There was a time when we looked forward to Gay Pride Day, then Lesbian & Gay Pride weekend, then […]

Southern Comfort Conference – Empowering The Transgender Community

By Lori Fox — I struggled with gender identity most of my life. I struggled to come out as a transgender woman to family, friends and co-workers. I was living deep in a closet, not knowing how or where to turn for help, especially in my workplace. Without any gender identity policies, practices and benefits […]

There’s Room Under The Bus For All – A Modern-Day Pride Parable

By Dr. Tim Seelig — Everyone’s story is unique, including mine. Both of my parents were professional Southern Baptists. My brother and I both followed in their footsteps. He is still following. My path took a dramatic about-face along the way. The sub-text of my formative years was conformity. It was reinforced at every turn […]

Holding Hands – A Gay Father Looks Forward to Father’s Day

By Sean Higgins — About six years ago, I saw what has become my favorite piece of art. It was in my friend’s kitchen. Hanging on his wall, adjacent to his stove, was a small Keith Haring painting of a parent and young child holding hands. “That’s me and my son,” I told my friend. […]

How to Frame Your Love and Come Out at Work

By Paul von Wupperfeld, edited by Jessica Franklin — For many people, displaying a picture of their loved ones on their desk at work is as natural as the cup of coffee they put next to it. But imagine you’re one of the more than 40% of LGBT employees who are not out at work, […]