To Win, We Need to Give

By By Roger Doughty –The first definition of “incredible” in Merriam Webster’s dictionary is “too extraordinary and improbable to be believed.” And that pretty well describes the kind of progress that the LGBT movement has been making lately. Simply incredible. So rapid that few of us would have predicted it even a few years ago. […]

Are We Shattering The Glass Ceiling for Lesbian/Gay Communications Professionals?

By David Landis – There’s a lot to celebrate when it comes to the progress that has been made for human rights over the past few years. The momentum of marriage equality, sports personalities coming out, and heads of state expressing their support has led to a sea-change in public attitudes, but how is the […]

No Going Back – Indian and Out at Work

By Poonam Kapoor — Duty, honor, and sacrifice. That sounds like a slogan someone in the military would chant. Rather, it was the cultural anthem of the many Indian women I grew up with in Houston, Texas. My parents immigrated to the US over 40 years ago. Like many other Indians looking for the American […]

Workplace Equality Down Under

By Dawn Hough — While LGBTI is an assumed agenda item on most progressive diversity strategies in the US and UK, it is still (by comparison) relatively new to Australia. This week, Pride in Diversity released the annual Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), first published in 2011. Pride in Diversity is Australia’s not-for-profit employer support […]

At-Will Employment, Not Illegal Discrimination

By Pat Baillie and Teddy Basham-Witherington — Most people are unaware that in 29 U.S. states you can be fired simply on account of being gay, lesbian or bisexual. Although some cities have LGBT protections, you would have no recourse at the state level to appeal being fired. Not only that, you can be discriminated […]

Houston Equal Rights Ordinance Rebuffs Repeal Attempt

By Mike Craig — Last month, in Houston Sees Red and Passes Equal Rights Ordinance, I wrote about the passage of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance – #HERO – and the coalition that was prepared to fight the repeal petition effort. On July 3rd, the petition organizers claimed (initially) to have turned in over 50,000 […]

Transgender Workplace Equality – Out & Equal at the Southern Comfort Conference

By Stephanie Battaglino — Magic happens each September in Atlanta, Georgia. For 24 years, the transgender community has gathered together to renew friendships, to socialize, to learn and to just be. The magic I describe is the Southern Comfort Conference. It is the largest gathering of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in the United States. […]