The Basics of Building Bridges

By Pat Baillie — The course that started it all for Out & Equal was Building Bridges. It was first used for companies receiving money from the San Francisco United Way. The course provided a basic understanding of LGBT employees and how the company business case is tied to engaged employees. Today, almost 20 years […]

Why Self ID Matters

By Pat Baillie — What is the latest on self ID?  The 2015 Out & Equal Executive Forum hosted a panel discussion with Chevron and EY sharing their process. Chevron explained how the use of surveys helped get self ID started. EY talked about their survey method and how human resource records could be a […]

Our top 8 Momentum moments

It was hard to choose our favorite moments from the 2015 Momentum gala dinner, but somehow we managed. Here are our top 8: Our first-ever Momentum panel was a hit. Nearly 100 people attended “Here’s looking at you!” to learn about how to build their personal brands as LGBTA professionals. (Look for a blog post with […]

State of the LGBT Movement – Our Success

By Tim Sweeney — At the 2015 Out & Equal Executive Forum, Tim Sweeney, former president and CEO of the Gill Foundation and a key playing in the LGBT equality movement since 1977, shared an exclusive address on the State of the LGBT Movement to 50 emerging and senior LGBT executives. This is the first […]

Verizon Helps Same-Sex Couple Start A Family

By Verizon — Many couples just starting their lives together share a lot of the same ambitions and concerns: They hope to start a family, but worry about the financial challenges it will bring. That’s why many rely on their employer-provided benefits to help manage the healthcare and other costs associated with raising a child. […]

12 Reasons We love Transparent

By Rachel Rubin — 12. Jeffery Tambor split our hearts wide open–not only in his crushingly brilliant performance but in nearly every interview and acceptance speech as he uses his spotlight to bring the trans community center stage. Tambor never neglects to note that the real story is not  in his acting but in the […]