Grow Together.

Join us for the 2016 Leadership Day seminars
Tuesday, October 4 | Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Orlando, FL before the Out & Equal Workplace Summit Oct. 5-7

These daylong seminars provide a more in-depth opportunity to develop expertise, increase your own professional development and bring back to your organization the best practices related to LGBT workplace equality.

Leadership Day is a special day of concentrated learning with a separate fee, so be sure to include your selection when you register. This is also an excellent opportunity to bring local team members or community members in for the day.


Tuesday, October 4
8a — Registration and breakfast (provided)
9a to 12p — Leadership seminars
12p to 1p — Lunch
1p to 5p — Leadership seminars

2016 Leadership Day Topics
  1. Global LGBT Diversity & Inclusion
    This day-long seminar is designed for people who work on or are interested in the advancement of LGBT workplace equality globally. Are you a Diversity & Inclusion manager, HR person, ERG leader or member? Working in or with countries where being LGBT is a crime or stigmatized? This workshop will provide you with recent surveys on LGBT equality worldwide by the Economist and EY. Ken Janssens, Chief Technology Officer Global Branches & CIB Tech Transformation/Communications of J.P. Morgan will discuss how to start an ERG in Latin America. We will look at the current LGBT situations around the world and in specific countries such as China, Italy and the Czech Republic. We will address key global LGBT equality issues being dealt with by corporations such as travel advisory and LGBT benefits. Most importantly, this seminar will provide you with a network of practitioners who work with LGBT global equality on a daily basis and have a fountain of ideas and experiences to share.
  2. Leadership Development for Allies and Advocates
    Many workplaces are now including allies in their LGBT Employee/Business Resource Groups. This seminar will develop the concept of allies, the ways in which they can impact the workplace and community, and offer best practices for leveraging allies to advance LGBT workplace equality.
  3. Leadership Development for Your ERG’s Early Years

    Understanding and developing the key elements of a successful framework to build and grow an Employee Resource Group (ERG) is the focus of this seminar. We will explore why it is important to expect business relevance and business results from your ERG, and review the key elements that should be in your strategy. We’ll go beyond awareness and look how you build in accountability through communication, content development, internal/external resources and positioning statements that impact everyone from top executives to frontline employees. We will also look at ways to respond to common challenges from existing ERG members, executive sponsors and the general employee population, and provide you with a variety of templates, timelines and processes that are adaptable in any business environment

  4. Leadership in BRGs and Advanced ERG’s

    Do you have an established ERG/BRG but are unsure of what’s next? Getting the group started was the first step– this seminar will provide best practices and opportunities to share how to make the most of your BRG/ERG, use your executive sponsor, and become fully integrated in the business case. 

  5. Government Sector

    Designed specifically for government employees, this seminar brings together different federal agencies to share best practices on promoting LGBT inclusion and equality at work, including strategies for securing agency- and department-level support, developing business plans, improving LGBT recruitment efforts, and strengthening special emphasis programs.

  6. LGBT Recruitment and Promotion

    As more and more companies develop LGBT-specific recruitment strategies, employers are also seeking clear ways to retain and promote top employees. This seminar will explain why recruitment, retention and promotion are a critical next step for LGBT workplace inclusion. Whether you are LGBT or ally, an ERG member or leader, HR professional or executive, this seminar can help shape your current policies and identify successful strategies. 

  7. LGBT Diversity Certification Training

    This course is designed to create a cadre of trainers who can teach on LGBT workplace inclusion, break down barriers and foster communication between LGBT employees and their co-workers. Individual employees, Human Resources and Diversity professional, and Employee/Business Resource Group leaders are certified for a period of two years to present Out & Equal materials in the workplace or their local community. This proven program of building cultural competency, business case and developing allies fosters alliances and breaks down myths and stereotypes to open communication and build an inclusive workplace. See the How to Get Involved Guide for more information about the Trainer’s Program

  8. Unconscious Bias for Leaders in the Workplace
    We are the product of our environment and are shaped by its influences at an unconscious level. At times, we may not be aware of how our actions and words impact those who don’t share our experiences. This seminar will explore unconscious bias and its impact on our daily lives and interpersonal behavior. We will develop tools to create a more inclusive environment, increase your ERG/BRG’s impact in the workplace, and to combat biases in the workplace. This seminar will also help us understand the intersections and impact of unconscious bias with other communities, specifically bisexual, transgender and LGBT people of color communities.
  9. Public Policy
    After the historic gain of same sex marriage equality in all 50 states, the achievement of full LGBT rights and equality remains at the forefront of various local, state, and federal public policy debate. From religious based discrimination to prohibitive usage of public facilities by transgender people, and more, corporate leadership has emerged as an especially key voice in the debate. This session will present on the status of these policy movements, and explore the challenges and best practices for engaging corporate and business interests in emerging LGBT concerned public policy debate.