Click to download: Twenty Steps to an Out & Equal Workplace

Equal Polices and Benefits

  • Include sexual orientation in global non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.
  • Include gender identity and expression in global non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.
  • Recognize same-sex couples and their families with full, equal access to all company benefits.
  • Ensure that global health coverage includes complete health benefits for transgender employees.

Talent Management and Professional Development

  • Establish and support LGBT employee resource groups.
  • Recruit, hire, and offer mentoring to LGBT employees through tools such as
  • Provide leadership development experiences specifically for LGBT employees.
  • Track recruitment and career development metrics for LGBT employees who choose to self identify.

Workplace Climate

  • Provide diversity training with specific reference to LGBT issues – such as Out & Equal’s Building Bridges Training – for all employees.
  • Use anonymous climate surveys to measure effectiveness of LGBT diversity policies and programs.
  • Include LGBT diversity objectives in management performance goals.
  • Communicate routinely to all employees about how the organization supports its LGBT workforce.

Community Commitment

  • Support nonprofit groups working for LGBT equality.
  • Sponsor and encourage visible participation in LGBT cultural events.
  • Include LGBT images in marketing and advertising strategies .
  • Include LGBT owned businesses in supplier diversity program objectives.

Advocacy and Corporate Responsibility

  • Be a visible role model for LGBT workplace equality in the community.
  • Support public policy efforts that protect LGBT workplace equality.
  • Oppose actively any attempts that would limit or restrict LGBT workplace equality.
  • Share leading practices on LGBT workplace equality by supporting the Out & Equal Workplace Summit!

Editorial Note: Out & Equal’s “Twenty Steps to an Out & Equal Workplace” is designed to guide those who seek to build a workplace where all individuals know they are equally valued and respected. Any reference to specific companies is intended only to illustrate a specific point relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues in the workplace. We support all companies and organizations in their efforts to become Out & Equal workplaces.

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